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A Rare Russian Mineral Spar Tower (1800 to 1900 Russian)


Mineral Spar Tower


31.00cm high (12.20 inches high)


Provenance : From the collection of the late Dick Moy, Greenwich, London
cf See Finch and Co catalogue no. 2, item no. 27, and catalogue no. 4 item no. 63, for two other examples


Unquestioning belief in the mystical characteristics of gemstones and minerals in ancient times was coupled with trust in their medical values. Pliny the Elder ( AD 23 – 79 ) in his 37 volume ‘Historia Naturalis’ recorded that the ancients thought red stones such as carnelian, garnet and ruby were good for treating all sorts of bleeding and inflammation whilst green stones were reserved for eye diseases. Amethyst in fact owes its name to the Greek expression ‘not to be intoxicated’ !
Kunstkammer collectors were fascinated by the forms and interesting geometry of natural crystals, and combined with their faith in the beneficial effects of gemstones and minerals spent splendid sums collecting these miracles of nature.

Description / Expertise

A Rare Russian Mineral Spar Tower
Late 19th Century

Size : 31 cm high – 12¼ ins high