Photographic Images

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A Cabinet of Curiosities

A Curious and Rare European Naturalistic Model of a Blossoming Cherry

A curious and unusual eccentric flint collected in the 19th century

A Fine Dutch calamander wood writing box

A Fine Italian Carved Larva Cameo of George Washington

A Fine Massim , Trobriand Islands , carved wood lime spatula

A Fine Regency Rosewood Gallery Glass with brass collar

A Finely Carved 'Bugbear' Coconut Flask

A Finely Carved 'Bugbear' Documentary Coconut Flask

A Finely carved Coconut 'Bugbear' Flask

A Good Queensland Australian Aboriginal Carved and Incised 'Mulga' Wood

A Highly Unusual English Regency Wax Model of a Turkish Gentleman

A Large Collection of 45 Specimen Agates ( Chalcedony Variety )

A Maori Chiefs staff 'Taiaha'

A Nias Peoples, Indonesian Carved Wood Shield