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Tanjore, Southern India, Company School Painting Entitled 'A Dawserry Beggar and...

'Indo-Portuguese' Table Cabinet of Eight Drawers

A Burmese Gilded Red and Black Lacquered Bronze Figure of the Buddha Shakyamuni

A Cabinet of Curiosities

A Carbon Print by the American Photographer Carl Moon (1879 – 1948)

A Central Tibetan Gilt Copper and Copper Alloy Figure of the Buddha

A Ceremonial Carved Ivory Kris Handle

A Ceremonial Kris with an Iron Seven Curved Blade

A Chinese Black River Boulder, a ‘Moshi’ or Ink Rock

A Chinese Bronze of the Buddha Shakyamuni

A Chinese Carved Rhinoceros Horn Wine Cup

A Chinese Finely Woven Grass Fibre and Red Silk Thread Imperial Manchu Court Off...

A Chinese Ritual Bronze Blade

A Chinese Scholars Object, A Water Dropper

A Colima Pre Columbian Mexico Baked Terracotta Effigy Vessel