Maritime Art

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A Blond Turtle Shell Carapace

A Fine and Rare Georgian Carved and Turned Lignum Vitae English Tiller

A Fine Pair of Scrimshaw Walrus Tusks

A Fine Pair of Scrimshaw Walrus Tusks

A Fine Sailors Walking Cane

A Fine Scrimshaw Scene of a Three Masted Ship

A Fine Silver Mounted Sperm Whale Tooth and Snakewood Walking Stick

A Rare English Ivory Gambling Ball

A Rare Ivory English Teetotum gambling ball

A Rare Marine Ivory Teetotum Gambling Ball

A Superb Large French Napoleonic Prisoner of War Work Model of H.M.S ‘Temeraire’...

American Sailors Scrimshaw Pair of Carved Whalebone and Baleen Sugar Tongs

American Sailors Scrimshaw Patriotic Staybusk

American Sailors Scrimshaw Whalebone Stay-Busk

American Scrimshaw Sperm Whale Tooth