European Works of Art

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Two German Mechanical Mathematical Models

Rare Georgian Pedometer by Spencer & Perkins of London

'Indo-Portuguese' Table Cabinet of Eight Drawers

'The Pearson' Model of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

A 17th Century German Boxwood Figure of Christ

A beautiful example of a 'Coco De Mer' or double coconut

A Bronze Bust of Christ as a Child

A Carved Celtic Stone Head

A Carved ‘Bugbear’ Coconut Flask

A Celtic Votive Head of a Man, Probably British

A Collection of Japanese Export Lacquer Portrait Medallions

A Collection of Six Large Baltic Amber Specimens

A Collection of Sixteen Ottoman Turkish Sherbet Spoons

A Collection of Three Rare German Turned Rhinoceros Horn Drinking Vessels

A Curious Carved Whalebone and Baleen Inlaid Octagonal Rolling Log Dice