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A Carved Celtic Stone Head

A Celtic carved Fossil Limestone Head of a Deity

A Celtic Votive Head of a Man, Probably British

A Classic Taino Caribbean Indian Stone Amuletic Figure of a 'Zemi'

A Colima Pre Columbian Mexico Baked Terracotta Effigy Vessel

A Collection of Ancient Roman Bronze Artefacts

A Collection of Eight Various Palaeolithic Pre-Historic Flint Tools

A Collection of Eighteen Roman Bronze Votive Phallus

A Complete Early Prehistoric Fossil Dolphin Skull

A curious and unusual eccentric flint collected in the 19th century

A Curious Collection of Pre-Historic Animal Teeth

A Fine Ancient Egyptian Small Bronze Figure of Bastet, the Cat Goddess

A Fine and complete Fossil 'Arctica' Shell

A Fine Danish Neolithic Flaked Flint Celt or Axe Head

A Fine Fossil Fish ‘Dapedium Politum’