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A Tibetan Fire Steel ‘Chakmak’ Belt Hung Tinder Pouche

Ancient Central Indian Madhya Pradesh Buff Sandstone Shrine

Ancient Early Medieval Indian ‘Shahi’ Kingdom Hindu Marble

Book : Portraits of the Famous and Infamous

Chinese Calligraphic Large Convex Scholar’s Wrist Rest

Fine Chinese Ivory Brush Pot ‘Bitong’

Indo-Portuguese Silver Filigree Rectangular Flat Topped Casket

Japanese Carved Boxwood Netsuke of a Skeleton

Japanese Carved Ivory Skull

Japanese Carved Stags Horn Netsuke Depicting a Playful Shishi

Japanese Finely Carved Boxwood Okimono of a Thwarted Rat Catcher

Japanese Netsuke made from the Natural Upper Jaw of a Fox the Bone Lacquered Bla...

Pair of Chinese Canton Carved Ivory Model Pagodas

Pair of South Indian Tamil Nadu Silver 'Vanki' Upper Arm Ornaments

Rare Indo-Portuguese Goa Silver Filigree Bezoar Stone Case