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A Japanese Black Lacquered Wood Portable Devotional Household Shrine ‘Zushi’

Ancient Early Medieval Indian ‘Shahi’ Kingdom Hindu Marble

Ancient Indian Uttar Pradesh Mathura Railing Pillar Fragment

Ancient Northwest India {now Pakistan} Gandhara Carved Grey Schist Figure of the...

Anglo-Chinese Miniature Oil on Ivory Depicting a View of the Whampoa Anchorage i...

Book : Portraits of the Famous and Infamous

British Celtic Apotropaic Limestone Head of ‘Cernunnos’ the Horned Deity

Carved Ivory Netsuke of a Large Fierce Shishi Temple Dog

Central Indian Relief Carved Sandstone Architectural Rectangular Panel

Chinese Calligraphic Large Convex Scholar’s Wrist Rest

Collection of Antique Japanese ‘Bachi’ Plectrum Used for Playing Traditional Str...

Indian Rajasthan Carved White Marble Labyrinth a Uni-Cursal Water Maze Centred a...

Japanese Boxwood Netsuke of a Sabre Toothed Tiger and Her Cub

Japanese Carved Boxwood Netsuke Depicting an Angry Tiger

Japanese Carved Boxwood Netsuke of a Kappa Seated Upon a Tortoise