Natural History

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A Superb collection of over Ninety Three fossil corals

Arabian Bedouin Leather Training and Calming Hood

Book : Portraits of the Famous and Infamous

Collection of Fifteen Fine English Ornithological Watercolours

English Oil on Canvas Depicting an Otherworldly Scene Near Paddock Wood in Kent ...

Exceptional Large Rowland Ward Specimen of a Pacific Arctic Walrus Skull Complet...

Fine and Unusual English Victorian Gothic Oak Collectors Cabinet

Fine Antique Specimen of a Narwhal Tusk ‘Monodon Monoceros’

Rare Large German Turned Blonde Rhinoceros Horn Goblet

Rare Victorian Skeleton of a Madagascan Aye-Aye ‘Daubentonia Madegascariensis’ ...

Regency Collection of Shells and Naturalia contained in a mahogany box

Sailors Scrimshaw Narwhal Tusk Walking Cane

Sailors Work Slavers Whip a Natural ‘Cat of Nine Tails’ Fashioned from the Long ...

Scrimshaw Narwhal Tusk Walking Cane with T Shaped Handle

Victorian English Hunting Horn Engraved by C.H.Wood