European Works of Art

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A Fine and Rare Carved and Inlaid Whalebone and Sperm Whale Ivory Sailors Walkin...

A Massive and Magnificent Italian Marble Bust of the Roman Emperor Nero

A Superb Large French Napoleonic Prisoner of War Work Model of H.M.S ‘Temeraire’...

An English Ivory Handled Eating Knife

Anglo-Norman Octagonal Limestone Baptismal Font

Arabian Bedouin Leather Training and Calming Hood

Austrian Carved Ivory Statue of the Martyred Bohemian Saint John Nepomuk

Baroque Bentheim Sandstone Mythological Sculpture of the God Hercules Wrestling ...

Christian Carolingian Frankish Fragment of a Dedicatory Limestone Relief Plaque

English Georgian Ivory and Tortoiseshell Monocular

English North Country Cannel Coal Bust of Queen Elizabeth I

English Regency Brass Bound Rosewood Two Door Table Cabinet

English Regency ‘After the Antique’ Carved Ivory Bust of the Emperor Titus

English Renaissance Polychromed Wax Portrait of William Cecil 1st Baron Burghley...

Fine and Large Portuguese Goa Devotional Crucifix