Gold Mounted ‘Lucky Bone’ Tiepin or Brooch (1800 to 1900 Anglo Indian)


Bone, Gold


The collarbones of the members of the cat family have evolved over time into tiny vestigial structures and those from lions and tigers were highly prized by the big game hunters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries as amulets. They would be saved, and sometimes sent to taxidermists to be mounted as lucky souvenirs of a successful hunt.

Description / Expertise

A Fine Gold Mounted ‘Lucky Bone’ Tiepin or Brooch made from the clavicle of a lion, probably by Edward Gerrard & Sons, Taxidermists
Late 19th – early 20th Century

Size: 9cm wide – 3½ ins wide
See: Finch & Co catalogue no.17, item no.96, for a smaller example from a tiger