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A Massive and Magnificent Italian Marble Bust of the Roman Emperor Nero

Ancient Celtic Iberian Large Bronze Belt Plaque and Clasp Decorated with Fine Da...

Ancient Egyptian Basalt Stone Cosmetic Palette

Ancient Greek Alabastron Carved of Egyptian Alabaster

Ancient Greek Carved Marble Lion’s Paw Table Leg

Ancient Greek Hellenistic Votive Terracotta of a Grotesque Female Fertility Figu...

Ancient Imperial Roman Carved White Marble Male Portrait Head Possibly of a Sena...

Ancient Indian Uttar Pradesh Mathura Railing Pillar Fragment

Ancient Late Hellenistic or Early Roman Marble Figure of the God Pan of the Athe...

Ancient Middle Bronze Age Tréboul Short Sword

Ancient Near East Iron Age Bronze Model of a Bull or Auroch

Ancient Northwest India {now Pakistan} Gandhara Carved Grey Schist Figure of the...

Ancient Roman Marble Head of a Young Satyr or Pan

British Celtic Apotropaic Limestone Head of ‘Cernunnos’ the Horned Deity

Christian Carolingian Frankish Fragment of a Dedicatory Limestone Relief Plaque