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A Massive and Magnificent Italian Marble Bust of the Roman Emperor Nero

A Small Ancient Imperial Romano-Egyptian Marble Heads

Ancient Egyptian Anthropomorphic Mummiform Figure of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris a Funerar...

Ancient Egyptian Basalt Stone Cosmetic Palette

Ancient Egyptian Large Intricately Carved Greywacke Heart Scarab

Ancient Egyptian Limestone Head of a Youthful Man

Ancient Greek Alabastron Carved of Egyptian Alabaster

Ancient Greek Hellenistic Votive Terracotta of a Grotesque Female Fertility Figu...

Ancient Greek Miniature Bronze Jug

Ancient Prehistoric Native American Hopewell Culture Carved Steatite Effigy Pipe...

Ancient Roman Marble Head from a Dionysian Herm

Ancient Romano-British Bronze Cheekpiece from a Horse Bit

Ancient Romano-British Bronze Votive Figures

Celtic Bronze Chariot Rein Guide

Christian Carolingian Frankish Fragment of a Dedicatory Limestone Relief Plaque