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'Indo-Portuguese' Table Cabinet of Eight Drawers

A Chinese Carved Rhinoceros Horn Wine Cup

A collection of eight Chinese Ivory Spiked Balls, 19th century

A Collection of Japanese Export Lacquer Portrait Medallions

A Collection of Nine Fine Ottoman Turkish Sherbet Spoons

A Collection of Nine Indian Carved Ivory Botanical Models

A Fine and Rare Indian Rhinoceros Horn Mughal Archer's Thumb Ring

A Fine Chinese Ivory Brush Pot with a Calligraphic Inscription to one side

A Fine Collection of Six Ottoman Sherbert Spoons

A Fine Sri Lankan Rosewood , Brass and Steel Elephant Goad and Sword Stick

A Fine Turkish Ottoman 'sherbet' spoon

A Fine Turkish Ottoman Sherbet Spoon

A finely carved Japanese boxwood Okimono of a skull

A Large Indian Carved Rhinoceros Horn Stemmed Goblet

A Rare Export Lacquer Portrait Medallion