Ethnographic Items

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11. A Small Male Ibeji Carved with a Kilt and Crested Coiffure

12. A Large Female Ibeji Carved with a Four Ridged Coiffure

15. An Elegant Male Ibeji Carved with an Elaborate Coiffure of Rising Upward Pla...

17. A Large Expressive Male Ibeji Carved Wearing a Kilt with Ties to the Front

24. A Male Ibeji Carved with Scarification Marks Down the Side of his Face

26. An Interesting and Unusual Male Ibeji Carved with a Protruding Umbilicus and...

29. A Superb Female Ibeji Finely Carved with Delicate Features and Elegant Arms ...

30. A Superb Male Ibeji Carved with Powerful Pectorals an Elegant Elongated Head...

A Collection of 16 Oceanic Tribal Fish Hooks Comprising:

A Collection of Six Rare Vanuatu, New Hebrides, Men’s Arm Bands

A Fine and Rare Blond Rhinoceros Horn Prestige Sceptre

A Fine Feather Lei Hulu of Hawaii composed of red and yellow bird feathers in th...

A Fine Hawaiian Oval Walrus Ivory Wrist Guard or Ornament 'Kupe' E Palaoa'

A Fine Loango Ivory Tusk

A Fine Maori New Zealand Greenstone ‘Manaia’ or Pendant Charm .