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A Bone , Wax , Glass and Silk Thread Sectioned Anatomical Model of the human fac...

A collection of eight Chinese Ivory Spiked Balls, 19th century

A Collection of Nine Indian Carved Ivory Botanical Models

A Curious Carved Whalebone and Baleen Inlaid Octagonal Rolling Log Dice

A Fine and Rare Indian Rhinoceros Horn Mughal Archer's Thumb Ring

A Fine Curious Life-Size Neapolitan Presepio Wax Head of a Blackamoor

A Fine Engraved Nautilus Shell

A Large collection of Baltic Amber

A Pair of English Carved Ivory Erotic Panels

A Preserved Human Heart used for Anatomical Study

A Rare and Unusual pair of Preserved Siamese Pigs

A Rare English Ivory Gambling Ball

A Rare Ivory English Teetotum gambling ball

A Rare Ivory English Teetotum Gambling Ball

A Rare Marine Ivory Teetotum Gambling Ball