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A Carved Celtic Stone Head

A fine light blue green glazed faience ancient Egyptian Amulet of Isis, Nebhat a...

A Gentleman’s Grand Tour Collection of Roman Antiquities and Floor Inlays

A Large and Rare Sabean, ancient South Arabian Alabaster Figure of a Priest

A Rare Ancient Egyptian Carved Limestone Sphinx Modelled With a Lions Tail and P...

A Rare Ancient Egyptian Carved Wood Headrest

A Roman Bronze Fitting , circa 2nd-3rd century AD

A Roman Marble Fragment Torso , probably Apollo

A Roman Marble Frieze from a Sarcophagus panel

A very rare Roman Micro Mosaic Panel of a Comic Actors Mask in 18th Century Fram...

An Ancient British Limestone Celtic Pagan Male Head

An Ancient Prehistoric British Standing Stone

An Ancient Roman Bronze Fragment of an Arm

An Ancient Roman marble column base depicting a panther with a bunch of grapes a...

An Ancient Roman Marble Head