Antique Walking Canes

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A Fine Brigg of London Blond Rhinoceros Horn and Malacca Walking Cane

A Fine Early 19th Century Sailors Walking Cane

A Fine Sailors Walking Cane

A Fine Silver Mounted Sperm Whale Tooth and Snakewood Walking Stick

A Fine South African Rhinoceros Horn and Plaited Silver Wire Prestige Cane

A Fine Victorian Walking Cane with silver mounted sperm whale tooth handle

A Superb English Sailors Scrimshaw Carved Walrus Tusk and Whalebone Architectura...

African Colonial Rare Snake Wood and Ivory Gentleman's Walking Cane

American Folk Art Carved Wood Walking Cane

An Anglo Indian Carved Black Horn Walking Cane

An Exceptional North American Sailors Scrimshaw Whalebone Walking Cane

An Unusual Victorian Walking Stick Stand made from the Fossilised Bone of a Mamm...

Dutch East Indies Javanese Royal Presentation Gem Set Walking Cane

Early English Carved Boxwood Cane or Ceremonial Staff Handle the Top Dated 1698

Elegant Anglo Indian Carved Ivory